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2018 Fly Fishing Reports - May 22nd - 30th

Lake Creek up top at the cabins...clear and holding some REALLY nice fish!

Bull Lake. Pike Baby! Creek is holding lots of fish and bugs. Green Drakes and Caddis right now are REAL good. It's high. But clear. You're going to wade hard and work for it but seriously the next 2 months are the best small stream and it's happening right now out your front door.

The Kootenai River - Going UP!

Forget it till July 1st. Small stream and lake time. And those small so good!

Kootenai River Gauge.

7 Day Troy Montana Forecast

Yaak river gauge.

Lake Creek, Bull River, Yaak River & Small Streams.

Lake Creek coming down this week. Not blown but tough wading. Next week will drop and start the big bugs! The next two months at the cabins and lodge are primo. Big Bugs on top. You small stream trout guys...It's good. Drakes happening NOW!

Bull and Yaak almost. Plan Yaak for 2500 cfs to 1000 cfs.

Bull Lake...PIKE NOW!!!!! Really...PIKE NOW!

Pike Now Pike Now Pike...come get em! They are here NOW! in the flats at the north end of the lake...though they might drop own into 6 to 8 foot but for the most part it's sight casting. There are tousands of 5 to 15 lb fish in the top end wanting to spawn. Come get them.

Mountain Lakes:

Frozen. Snow shoe and camp. Cause it's cool.

Rising Rainbow Trout


Big Brown Trout







Brown Trout Bull River


Bull Lake:

Pike are here!


Hatch Chart, Flies, and area bug information can be found here.



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