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What to bring

Equipment : For the Kootenai a stout 9'- 5 or 6 wt with appropriate floating line is a great all around rod. For those wanting to throw streamers and chase some bigger fish a 9' 1/2 - 10' 7 - 9 wt with sinking line / tip is perfect. 9'-12' leaders are the norm as dead drift spook free presentations are a necessity.

On our private water an 8' to 9 1/2' 3 - 6 wt is fine. A heavier rod earlier in the spring for higher water / streamers and for summer big bug dries. The smaller rods for fine presentations during the low water shy fish days of summer. Floating lines with long leaders, dead on casts and presentations are a necessity here as well.

Flies: Most all of the standard western patterns will work well here. Baetis, PMD's, Adams , Caddis, Royals, Ants, Big Terrestrials, Bead Head Nymphs, Streamers, etc. The list of specifics will be in our guides fly boxes and stocked at the shop. But feel free to bring your favorite patterns also. For more detailed information: Hatch Chart here.

Besides your normal gear, Rod, Reel, Flies, Waders (Breathable), Wading Shoes (NO CLEATS!),..... Absolutely necessary are polarized glasses, sun screen, and a wide brimmed hat. Especially during the summer. Rain gear or at least a light jacket are also a good ideas any time of year just in case. Cameras and Binoculars too. For guided clients if you prefer not to travel with your fly fishing gear or you are new to the sport we will gladly provide day use rods, reels and waders.

Clothing : Most folks know what they are comfortable wearing if they know what to expect so:

Spring time (April-Mid June) will generally see high temps in the 50's to 70's with a few warmer days thrown in. Night time temps can fall below freezing till the end of June. But the days warm quickly.

Summer (Mid June-Mid Sept.) can be blistering hot with temps commonly reaching the mid 90's to low 100's. Cool nights in the mid to upper 50's are then the norm.

Fall (Mid Sept.- Nov.) has the temperatures falling back to the 70's on through to the 40's with our first frost and snow on the peaks coming some time towards mid Sept. Mornings and Evenings will be cool.

Winter (Nov - March) generally has a fair amount of snow in the valley with many feet in the mountains. Temps are fairly moderate 20's to 30's but we also get our share of cold spells. (35 below zero for several days in '03-'04.burr anywhere!)

Food and Supplies : The town of Troy, Montana approximately 20 minutes away has all amenities that anyone could ever need. But depending on your route you may want to stop for supplies before arriving. Good places to do that will be Libby, Montana on Highway 2 from the east, Thompson Falls, Montana on Highway 200 from the south east and Sandpoint Idaho on Highway 95 from the southwest. There are a few local restaurants in the area from 10 to 30 minutes away that open early for breakfast and serve till 8 or 9 PM .

Pets : Your WELL BEHAVED dogs are always welcome at the KRO ! We love them. But, if they bark, chase deer, ruin furniture, don't socialize well with other dogs / people, or are otherwise uncontrollable they don't belong here.

Canoes, Kayaks, or other watercraft are welcome. Also bikes, hiking shoes, backpacks, walking staff, and seasonally x-country skis, snow shoes, etc...and a map or two.

Shipping Your Gear If you would prefer to not travel with your fly fishing gear, we will gladly accept delivery and hold it until your arrival. You can then make arrangements to have it picked back up at the shop and shipped back. CALL US FOR SHIPPING INFO!!!


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